Top 10 Tips To Help You In Email Writing For Job Application

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : September 29, 2023

Have you ever spent hours perfecting your resume and cover letter, only to forget about the email itself? Surprisingly, many candidates neglect this crucial step and end up missing out on great opportunities. Don’t let that be you! In this article, we will share with you our top 10 tips for mastering email writing for job applications. Discover how to write subject lines that stand out in crowded inboxes and learn techniques for creating concise yet impactful messages that leave hiring managers wanting more. Get ready to take your job application game to the next level!

Here Are The 10 Tips To Help You In Email Writing For A Job Application

Tip1: Get the Scoop on Emails

Finding the right email addresses can be a real game-changer. We recommend you check out the job posting, as recruiters often include their contact info there. Sending your email to the right address ensures it lands in the right inbox.

But what if you can’t find that golden email address?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

There are amazing tools like Email Hunter , , and Tomba that can come to your rescue. Simply visit the company’s website and use the Chrome extension of these tools to uncover those elusive email IDs.

Oh, and did you know you can also find emails on LinkedIn? Yep, by visiting the HR profiles of the company and using extensions like Hunter or, you can get your hands on those valuable email addresses.

Tip 2: Dress to Impress with Your Email Address

First impressions do matter, even in the digital world! A professional email address can make you stand out from the crowd. To make your email address look unique, you may take a few minutes to create a new email ID specifically for job applications. This will not only help you with job applications but will also keep your personal emails apart from professional ones.
So, when you set out choosing your email address, try to keep it clean and straightforward. Stick to a combination of your first name, last name, or initials, and maybe add a few numbers if your name is common.

Lastly, strictly avoid using nicknames or quirky words that might make potential employers cringe!

Tip 3: Short and Sweet Subject Lines

Your subject line is like the centerpiece of your email – it should look good enough to entice a recruiter to open your mail. Keeping it concise yet impactful, conveying the purpose of your email in just a few words is the best way to write your subject lines.

Here are examples of eye catching subject lines:

1. Application for Full Stack Web Developer Position – 3 Years of Experience

2. Experienced Full Stack Web Developer Applying for Senior Developer Role

3. Skilled Full Stack Web Developer Seeking Frontend Developer Opportunity

4. Full Stack Web Developer with 3 Years of Expertise – Hiring Inquiry

5. Passionate Full Stack Web Developer Interested in Backend Developer Position

Tip 4: Mind Your Manners with Salutations

Being thoughtful about having the right tone from the get-go is important! If you know the hiring manager’s name or the person in charge of the hiring process, go ahead and use it. It shows that you’ve put in some effort to personalize your email.

If you don’t know a name to begin your email with, “Dear Hiring Manager,” “Hello Name,” or Mr./Ms. Names followed by the department’s name are all acceptable alternatives.

Tip 5: Serve Up a Captivating Email Body

The main body of your email should be well-structured . Remember! Recruiters and hiring managers have a lot on their plate, so keep your email brief and easy to digest. Use paragraphs or bullet points to make it easy to scan.

Now, if you don’t know how to start then you may work around with the following bonus tips!

Bonus Tip 1: In the first part, mention the specific job title you’re applying for and where you stumbled upon this amazing opportunity. Whether it was a job board, the company’s website, or a referral from a friend, let them know.

Bonus Tip 2: In the second part, give them a taste of your most relevant qualifications and experience. Focus on the skills and achievements that align perfectly with the job requirements. No need to repeat everything from your resume – the goal is to leave them hungry for more and curious to open those attached documents.

At last, in the final part, express your gratitude for the opportunity to apply and your enthusiasm for the role. Moreover, never forget to end your emails on a polite note!

Tip 6: Serve Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume should showcase your most delectable experience, skills, and achievements. Nevertheless, many may forget about the cover letter – but we know that you won’t make this mistake. Make sure to have a tailor made cover letter, which is relevant with the position you’re applying for. Further adding why you’re excited over the chance to work for this company and how your skills can bring success to the table can make your cover letter even more persuadable.

If you want to know more tips & tricks on how you can make your resume stand apart. Simply check out: How to make the best resume for your first job in 2023?

Tip 7: Following Up Is The Key!

If you’re left hanging in suspense without a response, it’s time for a follow-up. Now, many candidates may think that emailing for a response may seem nosey, however, no it isn’t the case. Asking for a response or feedback is a basic courtesy plus, doing so shows your continued interest in the role.

Listed below are 3 essential things that you should include in your follow-up email:

1. Reaffirmation of your interest in the job

2. Inquiry about the status of your application

Voila! You’re now armed with the most handy- tips for crafting the perfect job application email.

Email Templates For Inspiration

Now here, we’ve got you covered with not one, but two email templates! So go ahead, give these templates a whirl and get ready to leave a positive impact on potential employers.

First Email:

First Email Image

Follow Up Email:

Follow up Email Image

By mastering the art of email communication, you can make a strong impression and stand out among other applicants. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a senior role or just starting your career; a well-written email can make a big difference in impressing recruiters and showing your professionalism. Put these tips into practice and write emails that leave a positive impact on potential employers!

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Job Ready program Image

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