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We know that for those fresh out of college, entering the workforce for the first time can be a little daunting – That’s why we bring to you our UniKampus Program!

UniKampus Embark Program

UniKampus Embark Program

For penultimate semester students

Advanced program that prepares students for the most-in-demand technologies, mainly full-stack
web development, which involves technologies such as high-speed coding.

Embark program commences

Our unique Embark program commences from the first year and continues till the penultimate semester ends, with an assurance to place the students in the dream and super dream companies.

Institutional practical curriculum

The Institutional practical curriculum will be extended for an exhaustive and comprehensive programming language experience.

outcome of this program

The outcome of this program is to ensure the utmost quality, skills, and the right mindset in a student to enter into their dream organization


UniKampus IKON Program

For final semester students

A program that trains students on the most in-demand technologies, predominantly full-stack web development, which includes technologies like high-speed coding that help to develop applications faster. This program is open to students who are in their final semester.

What’s the process?


Pass the first level of assessment


Receive a letter of acceptance to be admitted into our program.


We're more than just a training program

The UniKampus program is not just a training program, it also includes mentoring by industry leaders, immersion in live project work, and scheduled career development workshops. It’s everything you need to get Industry-fit and job-ready!

Our key features

Unlimited Mock Tests

Unlimited Mock Tests on Company Patterns

AI Based Personal

AI Based Personal Career Counselling

Year-long Platform

Year-long Platform access with 100+ practice questions



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Mentorship from
Industry experts


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Our Learning Partners

UniKampus Program

Technologies we cover

Technologies we cover