You LEARN how to CODE. We'll make sure
you only pay after placement!

Flexible pricing for all your learning stages

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Working Professional
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Pay After Placement


(Registration fee INR 2500/-)


Pay your course fees ONLY when you get placed with a minimum package of 5 LPA
Power features

Standard Payment

(Registration fee INR 2500/-)

Pay 100% Upfront

or choose affordable EMI plan(s)

Course fee is refundable If you are unable to secure a job minimum of 5 LPA*
Power features
Pay after placement

Pay after placement

Our Pay after Placement is an investment in students. Pay zero
upfront fees* till you are hired with a salary above the threshold

Income share agreement (ISA) /

Pay after placement (PAP)

Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) represents our investment in you. By choosing this placement program, you are also investing in yourself. Start benefiting from our Techfit program today - validate your full stack development skills, gain experience, and land the job you want with our help – all for just nominal registration fee of INR 2500/-

Upon finishing the course and obtaining a job of 5 LPA or above , you can begin paying your course fees over a period of 36 months in easy installments capped at INR 2,50,000/- + GST (for males) & INR 2,00,000/- +GST (for females).


You decide how you want to pay your fees

The tech-skills employers seek are the ones we teach. With our flexible payment options, you can
pay the course fees according to your needs. Unikaksha’s ISA model, gives you the option to pay for
the training fees in easy installments for as long as 36 months .



You will only pay us if you obtain a job of INR 5,00,000/- per year (CTC) or more after you complete the course.

1 Year

1 Year

The course at UniKaksha is free of charge if you don’t get placed within 1 year of completing the course

Registration Fee

2500/- Registration Fee​

You will only pay us if you obtain a job of INR 5,00,000/- per year (CTC) or more after you complete the course. 

How the ISA model works?

In our ISA model, you only pay for the course once you've landed a job after the
completion of the course.

  • 1
    Enroll for the Full Time Full Stack Development course
    from Unikaksha
  • 2
    Give the Evaluation Test
  • 3
    On passing the test, choose to pay your course fee
    through Unikaksha’s ISA/PAP funding model
  • 4
    Start your 4 month course by paying a nominal
    Registration fee of INR 2500/-
  • 5
    Complete your Full Stack Web development course.
  • 6
    Land a job in your dream tech company with a minimum
    package of INR 5 LPA
  • 7
    Pay the course fee capped at INR 2,50,000/- +GST (for males) & INR 2,00,000/- +GST (for females) in easy instalments for 36 months.
ISA model works

You decide how you want to pay your fees

In case you decide that Unikaksha's Techfit Programs are not for you, you can withdraw at any time. In the event of
a dropout, here is how the fee policy works:

  • 1

    Registration Fees of INR 2500/-

    Non refundable

  • 2

    2 Week classes /10 lectures

    No Fees (apart from the registration fee)

  • 3

    Next 4 weeks

    50% ISA Amount is payable

  • 4

    After 4 weeks

    100% ISA Amount is payable

Putting education within your reach

With Unikaksha, you will have a direct path to a lucrative tech job without any
of the time commitments or financial risks of traditional university education.
By using our ISA funding model for your course fees, you can fund enrollment
in our quality programs in a way that is suitable for your circumstances,
needs, and goals.

Want to know how?

Putting education