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Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, YUNI is your AI learning and growth partner. Yuni walks with you in your learning journey and helps you grow in your career and life

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How YUNI.AI Can Help you

Coding Help

Stuck in a coding problem? No problem. Whip up the power of Yuni to generate code, suggest improvements supporting all major coding languages

24 * 7 Doubt Solving

Ask Yuni whatever doubts you have before, during or after the session. Yuni has accumulated all the knowledge for your sessions and can answer your questions quickly

Unlimited Practise questions

Practise as much as you want, wherever you want. With the power of generative questions on the go, YUNI can help you get ahead of the competition

Anytime Class Revisions

Missed a sessions? No problem. You can watch, summarise, transcribe all the sessions and watch them at your comfort


Keep forgetting your class schedule? Missed an important webinar? Yuni can send you timely reminders so you never miss a session again

English practise

Practise your English and speaking skills with Yuni. Yuni can analyse your speech and suggest improvements so you can become an expert at communications

Host of features Coming Soon!

Multilingual Content

Learn and upskill using your own language. Access the content in your vernacular language

Career Coach

Find the right path and direction for your career with Yuni career coach. It will help evaluate your strength and weaknesses and guide you to right courses fit for your career

Mock interviews

Prepare yourself for the competitive world with our AI powered mock interviews. Take them when you can, to get a real feel for the interviews

Soft Skill Training

Face the world with the right preparation With Yuni powered soft skill training, you prepare yourself for business communications and etiquettes which are a must have in corporate world


Plan your training sessions, practise classes and the learning calendar with Yuni


Get the right guidance at the right time. Whether it is a learning difficulty, a specific doubt or a career question, Yuni is here to help

Resume Builder

Stand out from the crowd. Build your resume, your online business profiles on platforms using Yuni unique guidance and support

Job Applications

Auto match your profiles to the openings in the market. Find the right place of working as per your needs and secure the job of your dreams

Virtual Mentor

Yuni will act as your virtual mentor, answering questions, taking classes and providing guidance

Personalized learning

Yuni learns from your learning patterns and focusses on building your strengths and identifying the focus areas. The learning thus becomes personalized and fun

Colleges and Academies

Upgrade your institute to the AI empowered. Upgrade your students to grab their dream career opportunities, learn systematically and reduce system dependence

  • Career Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Automated tests
  • Career Service Support
  • Teaching Aid
  • Practise questions
  • Curriculam Planning
  • Performance Tracking & Reporting

Corporates & Business

Foster a culture of upskilling and learning in your company with Yuni. It can help from employee onboarding to role fitment, boosting your efficiency and turn around cycles.

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Role Fitment
  • Employee Engagament
  • Employee Upskilling
  • Performance measurment
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Work Mentor