How Intelligent automation Improves Employee Experiences

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : May 1, 2022

Digital transformation is now a necessity for all organizations post the pandemic. Many enterprises are fast-tracking this transition to improve productivity. An insight from a leading research firm shows that implementing intelligent automation technologies can increase their productivity by 73%, deliver 44% more accuracy in paper-related work, reduce cost by 60 %, and improve the employee experience by 23%.

Intelligent automation can see what the human eye can miss out. By applying technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the intelligent automation creates insights, and acts by taking the automation process to the next level.

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One of the major concerns of organizations is that automation means the loss of jobs. Automation does not mean replacement; instead, it helps support employees, providing them better work experience, and gives better customer service. As businesses progress through the 21st century, the traditional work process give way to modern systems and ideas, including remote work.

To make business improve products and services, several developments have been taking place that focused on clients and customers but neglected employees’ experience and their welfare at the workplace. The shift towards remote work for many employees during and after the pandemic has resulted in organizations taking steps to improve the employee experience.

What is Intelligent Automation?

The Intelligent automation process involves combining techniques such as AL and ML and human resources to automate end to end process of a business. The automated process helps employees to become more productive and efficient.

It is easy to incorporate intelligence systems into any business. Many automation solutions do not require code or complex technicalities to integrate into an existing system. One can switch over to automated systems while continuing to operate the manual system.

Many organizations re-examine their existing manual system to understand the current high volume and variety of work assigned to employees to improve employee engagement; intelligent automation comes into play. A survey says that nearly 40%  of the employees spend a quarter of time doing manual and repetitive work.

These repetitive, tedious tasks and multiple work applications can be handed to automated workflow systems and tools, thus enabling employees to free up and handle more meaningful and technical work, improve creativity, work faster and be more productive.  Let us quickly look at the different ways in which Intelligent Automation can help to improve employee experiences .

How Intelligent Automation Improves Employee Experiences?

  •       Reduce the workload of employees

One reason employee engagement gets affected in many organizations is they are overloaded with repetitive tasks such as data entry or inventory, which is boring and takes much time. Apart from this, employees have to do other unique tasks, leaving little time for personal lives.

By including intelligent automation, much of the repetitive manual work that consumes much time can get eliminated, leaving more time for employees to be productive and helping in the business’s profitability.

  •       Helps in business compliances 

Companies have to comply with various statutory regulations. Incorporating intelligent automation removes the risk of human error in the business process. Human resources are not immune to making mistakes, and there are businesses like financial services, accounting, healthcare, etc., which are high regulation sectors where errors can be costly.

Certain tasks require intelligent automation (IA) as they are repetitive and perform data collection and record updating. IA tools like RPA or Robotic process automation are effective in performing such tasks and helping employees to avoid errors and increase productivity.

  •       Enhance collaboration among employees

The technology of IA allows employees to collaborate better, increasing coordination, trust, and team spirit. Technology allows employees to monitor and access other work activities through the system in seconds without contacting and enquiring with them physically. It saves plenty of time across different departments and positions. It gives employees more free time for brainstorming and coming up with critical new ideas that can be helpful for the business.

  •       Helps  improve customer experience with business 

A happy employee is always equal to a happy customer. Employees are the face of a business, and they are the people the customers interact with. IA improves employee engagement, and customers have a better experience leading to their retention and growth of the business.

  •       Improves the organization’s image and attracts new talent

Organizations that are technologically equipped and use intelligent automation are more likely to attract the best talents. They are rated highly by employees where the attrition level is low. The automation process allows structured recruiting and onboarding process, which leads to more employees sticking around with their employers. The organization’s image as a professional workplace becomes public and leads to the company attracting new hires while attracting investors and customers alike.

A  review article observed that organizations that take initiatives like Intelligent automation to improve employee experience make more profit than those that do not. Another report by Mckinsey says that around 60% of the business in various sectors can easily automate 30% of their business process using intelligent automation.

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It is increasingly becoming evident that employees globally are stressed out and enjoying their duties and work less and less every day. Though they do not lack motivation, their efficiency and productivity levels are dying while anxiety and stress rates soar. As business owners or professional management of large corporations, they must improve their employee engagement and experience and improve the business’s productivity.

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