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Published on - 4 Mar 2022
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Working from Home? Here are 7 Irrefutable Hacks to Help Stay ProductiveAre you working from home and looking for ways to become more productive? Well, you are not alone, most of us are. According to a study, 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers by the year 2028. The majority of people love to fantasize about working from the comfort of their homes, preceding their commute in favor of more family, sleep or exercise time. But, working from home is a dual-edged sword – sure one stays at home but it can be a lot harder to stay productive and maintain focus. Whether it’s the neighbor’s house getting renovated with all sorts of noisy machines and power tools firing continuously or a quick two-hour binge of that Amazon prime show you’ve been dying to watch, staying productive takes a little more effort. 
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Sometimes working from home tends to blur the boundaries between work and personal life. If you're stuck in front of your computer screen for too long on end and don't take steps to make sure your work/life balance is healthy, you might burn out before the project is complete. So how do we stay productive, avoid burnout and maintain a work-life balance while working from home?

Here are 7 Irrefutable hacks to help you stay productive while working from home after landing a remote job.

7) Have a Separate Workspace Find a dedicated and comfortable spot to work. Studies show that having a separate workspace is important to stay focused and productive. When in the office, people have their own designated areas with everything they need so they can accomplish their work as best and efficiently as they possibly can. If you have an actual office in your home, that’s ideal but don’t worry - any open space available should do fine! The idea is to create a place that feels more like a workplace than your home so that your productivity is not hampered.  6) Communicate Expectations  Of course, you would be working but will still have a company at home. Make sure that your family members, partners, roommates respect your workspace during working hours. If you are working in a shared place with another co-worker, it is important to lay clear ground rules about decorum, cleanliness, and quiet times.  5) Give yourselves Breaks It is so easy to get distracted at home that you tend to avoid breaks altogether. Don’t let those timelines prevent you from taking a 5-10 minutes break to relax. Give your brain time to digest what has been done. You can improve the quality of your work tenfold.  Rather than opening YouTube or Netflix to watch some comforting shows, use break intervals to get away from your workstations. Go get some fresh air, a brisk walk or spend time with your kids or siblings at home.   4) Don’t stop Socializing When you work from home, you will surely miss the casual social interactions with office colleagues. Working from home doesn’t mean that you isolate yourself from family, coworkers, and friends. Fight boredom by communicating with other employees. Use channels like Skype, Zoom, etc. to interact with your team members.  While taking breaks, communicate with your family members and friends. Remember isolation and disconnection can turn out to be a bad recipe for your mental health. Keep yourself involved and socially active.  3) Begin and end on time One of the biggest challenges while working from home is to achieve a work-life balance. If you are not cautious enough, your home office could mean being available for work 24x7. Effective management of your time will assist you not only in maintaining work-life balance but can also aid in nurturing managerial and leadership roles.  You must set your working hours and ask your seniors and colleagues in the office to respect them. Set daily routines and stick to them. Feel free to use away status on communication platforms when you are taking a break.  2) Ask for Flexibility Seek flexibility in work hours when you are stuck with some inescapable household responsibilities. You can clock in late in the morning and get your kid vaccinated or log out early to lend a hand in homeschooling. You could burn the midnight oil and ensure that your work for the day is complete. Do feel empowered to ask your seniors to adjust to the schedule. However, please don’t make this a habit, use the flexibility option only in unavoidable circumstances.  1) Organize you day Organizing your day like you use to do in the office will keep off any work creep. With a properly organized structure, you can reduce the chances of work invading your personal life. You can choose your working hours as you are your manager. It is advised that you structure your day like you would in an office. With the use of productivity software like to-do manager and meeting scheduler, one can easily delegate tasks and schedule a meeting with a coworker.  Wrap up! Thank you for reading this article. I hope the article was of great help in rendering useful hacks to improve your productivity while working remotely.

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