Why Startups & Small Enterprises Need Full Stack Developers

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : June 30, 2022

Full stack development is revered as one of the admired trends in the modern app and software development industry, especially in Startups and Small enterprises. In primarily all software markets, startups and small enterprises have grown throughout the world. These companies are always on the lookout for low-cost, reasonable software development solutions without compromising on the set quality standards. Consequently, significant demand for full stack developers has emerged.

According to the 2020 Emerging Jobs Report published by LinkedIn, Full stack engineer is the fourth fastest growing job profile with more than 35 % annual growth. It is followed by data scientists, robotics engineers, and AI specialists, respectively.

A full stack developer can develop both frontend and backend components to easily build an application from the scratch. He/she can perform Frontend development, backend development, and data management easily and efficiently.

Due to the increase in demand for full stack engineers in the IT field, around 50% of the developers have become full stack developers, as per the survey conducted by StackOverflow.

What makes a Full Stack Developer Best Fit for Startups and Small Enterprises?

Small Businesses and Startups are usually low on budget and require professional support in multiple aspects of a business. Another important factor is affordability, having just 1 or 2 full stack developers to handle the front-end, the back-end, and the database architecture makes more sense than having a plethora of specialist developers.

Another major benefit of having a full-stack developer is their widespread perspective on website development. Besides knowing what they are doing, they know why they are doing it. A Full-stack developer is a natural asset to your start-up business. If you want to hire them, it is important that their opinions count and contributions matter.

Reason 1) Full Stack Developers are Cost Effective

Startups and Small businesses incline tight budgetary constraints and timelines. They need to survive and grow in the market. Such businesses can’t spend their vital capital on mobile app development or a website. By hiring a full-stack developer, institutions can build a vibrant digital product at cost-effective rates. A seasoned full-stack developer can build the entire product for you, thereby saving efforts and capital on hiring a full-fledged team of professionals. Hiring a few people directly translates to cost-effectiveness as you are spending less on salaries and other expenses.

Reason 2) Full Stack Developers offer Better Responsibility Tracing and Project Ownership

In startup and small businesses operating, a single resource manages multiple tasks, so focusing on digital product development might get complicated. To reduce the burden of planning and executing the development of digital product development, companies hire full-stack engineers. He/she takes complete ownership of the project right from the scratch and ensures timely product delivery.

A full stack engineer has a bird-eye view over the entire project development cycle and is accountable for the end product. Not only do they hold expertise in frontend and backend development processes, but they are also responsible for strategic planning, testing, and after-delivery application upgrades and updates. They make use of the best available tools and technology to render the best and most viable digital product.

Reason 3) Full Stack Developers Flourish along with Startups

As a startup or small business founder, hiring a full-stack developer that flourishes along with your organization is a great asset. As and when required a full stack engineer will upgrade skills to grow your business. They can assist in hiring novice programmers as they are having complete process knowledge and business understanding from the scratch. Imagine, if you get an experienced full-stack web developer who can handle responsibility for the entire process development, half of your tension is over. Besides, they keep the project cost in control, take accountability, and are capable of doing everything required for a product up and running smoothly.

Reason 4) Full Stack Developers ensure increased productivity and more flexibility

Since a single resource is accountable for the development of the complete application, developers can focus on creating the best codes. They are alleviated to spend more time working on the functionality of the digital product rather than working on its look and feel. This leads to increased productivity and speedy product development.

By using varied technologies, a single developer can create a viable solution that functions well on tablets, desktops, smartphones, and even smart TVs. You don’t need to hire multiple programmers for your project. If however, you need to launch a new feature on social media, a FSD can easily add that feature to your website or an app.

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