Why is Cyber Security Important to our Lives?

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : June 11, 2022

As incidences of cyber crimes are always on the rise across the world, companies these days focus a lot on cyber security so that it can help them protect their data and IT systems. Cyber security involves a system through which it is possible to safeguard and recover networks, computer systems, programs, and devices from any cyber-attack. 

Over the years, cyber-crimes or cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, which means that organizations are now required to implement cutting-edge measures to protect their sensitive data. Cyber attackers these days use innovative methods of breaching security points by working with technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and social engineering to circumvent traditional data protection and data security controls.   

At present, the world is more reliant on IT systems and technology, and such trends will continue in the future. In the coming days, we will have more devices connected to the network through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Thus, it has become imperative to have cyber security systems that can help protect customer data at all times. It is not just enough to use strong password policies such as multi-factor authentication to mitigate unauthorized access. It is imperative to work with intelligent cloud security systems to prevent security breaches. 

Future Outlook of Cyber Security Market

According to a study by Mckinsey ‘Cyber attacks are on the rise and organizations are required to reinforce their cyber defenses to ensure the resilience of their technology.’  

This study also concluded that:

  • Estimated $101.5 billion in projected spending on service providers* by 2025
  • 15% annual increase in cost related to cybercrime; will reach $10.5 trillion a year in 2025 
  • 85% of small and midsize enterprises intend to increase IT security spending until 2023
  • 3.5 million cyber security positions are now open worldwide

*Service providers include hardware support, consultants, outsourcing, and implementation.

Types of Cyber Attacks and its Prevention

While there are endless numbers of Cyber attacks, here are the 15 most common examples.

  • DoS and DDoS Attacks
  • MITM Attacks
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Spear-phishing Attacks
  • Whale-phishing Attacks
  • SQL Injection Attack
  • Ransomware
  • Password Attack
  • DNS Spoofing
  • URL Interpretation
  • Trojan Horses
  • XSS Attacks
  • Malware Attack
  • Insider Threats
  • Brute force attack

The abovementioned types of cyber attacks can leave a company and its data vulnerable. Thus, an organization uses high-end technologies to safeguard its valuable data. While antivirus programs are considered the standard for cyber security, you should implement other security protocols. These include endpoint protection platforms, extended detection, and response (XDR) systems, behavioural analytics, embedded hardware authentication, two-factor authentication, zero trust model, and Blockchain security systems to achieve the best results. 

Cyber-attacks are not new and can lead to privacy and financial losses for any organization whether it’s private, government or individual. Hence, cyber security is a vital aspect of any organization.

Importance of Implementing Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Systems 

If cybercriminals get access to data systems of any organization, it can not only lead to the misuse of such data but cause severe financial losses. Hence, the importance of cyber security can never be undermined. Cyber security systems make it possible to safeguard and protect all categories and types of data from any theft and damage. An organization may use sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), personal information, protected health information (PHI), critical data, intellectual property, and industrial and administrative information systems. Therefore, it is imperative to have a powerful cybersecurity program that helps prevent cybercriminals access such materials. Unless you have the best security systems in place, it won’t be possible for your organization to defend itself against data breach campaigns. Thus, it is significant to invest in state-of-the-art cyber security systems. 

Most of the devices used these days are connected to a global network, and people use different types of cloud-based services nowadays. Such trends will naturally increase the residual and inherent risks associated with cybercrimes. 

Anyone working in a cloud platform and dealing with sensitive data must be well-acquainted with the latest high-end cyber security systems so that he or she can take advantage of them. If the cloud systems are poorly configured and integrated, it can eventually leave the data systems of any organization vulnerable.     

While the standard practice has always been to use high-quality antivirus software, internet security software, and firewalls, it is essential to note that cybercriminals are becoming smarter day by day, and coming up with new and highly resilient methods to break through the standard cyber defenses. Hence, it is crucial to use the most advanced cyber security systems. The truth is that cyber threats can affect a company from any section or level. You must ensure the people working in your office go through cybersecurity awareness training so that they do not do anything that can compromise the security of your organization’s network. 

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Some common and widely-occurring cyber threats your working teams should be aware of include social engineering scams, ransomware attacks, phishing, and other malware applications used for stealing personal data and various forms of intellectual property. 

Since data breaches often happen these days, it is significant for organizations belonging to different industries to use state-of-the-art cyber security systems to protect their data. Data breaches and losses can harm the reputation of any organization in the market and undermine people’s faith in the institution. It means that cyber-crimes can not only lead to reputation losses but result in severe economic and regulatory costs. 


As we are becoming more reliant on the internet or the cyber world, we need to be aware of how important cyber security is. It is significant to safeguard data from damage and theft. Companies need to take the right steps to safeguard their priority data from any kind of unauthorized access, breaches, and security threats. The key is to reinforce the organization’s defenses by predicting the emerging future cyber threats and comprehending new defense systems that organizations can put into practice today and can plan to use in the coming future.    

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