What is Python Used for? It’s 7 Practical Applications

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : April 27, 2022

Today, developers worldwide will agree that Python is one of the most resourceful programming languages. Several automation engineers, data scientists, game developers, and software engineers regard Python as the go-to language. It is easy to maintain and consistent. Even the world’s premier organizations believe in the potential of this programming language. Python applications have become increasingly prevalent in various industries, as they offer practical solutions and drive innovation in areas such as data analysis, web development, artificial intelligence, and more.

Primary feature of this free and easy-to-learn language is that it is dynamically typed and interpreted and of high level. Other features that add to the popularity of Python is its readability, easy maintenance, scalability and faster deployment. As a result, prompter progress of application prototypes is possible, and debugging errors becomes easy. Thus, Python has become the language that programmers love to code with.

Join UniKaksha’s Introduction to Python Programming course and get introduced to core concepts of programming including data structures, loops, variables, conditionals, and functions. Python libraries play a vital role in the fields of Data science, image and data manipulation, machine learning, to name a few.

All credit goes to Guido Van Rossum, who developed this programming language in 1989 and highlighted the principle of “DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself” and readability. People might have questions about it, such as the different uses of the language and its various practical applications.

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Here in this article, you can have an idea about seven areas of application that users of the Python programming language benefit from even when used in various domains for specific purposes.

Top 7 Python Applications in real world

Python sustains cross-platform operating systems and thus makes building applications all the more suitable. So, BitTorrent, DropBox, YouTube, and other globally famous applications use Python to accomplish their functionalities

1. Data Science

Data is an immense source of wealth. All you need to do is know how to pull out appropriate information that can make it possible for you to take planned risks and thereby increase profits. Study the data well, perform the required operations and finally extract the necessitated information. To achieve this, you can seek the help of libraries such as NumPy and Pandas. Here’s the list of  Top 5 Python Libraries You Must Consider In 2022

Data science is an interdisciplinary domain. It has three overlapping but separate areas. One deals with ways of modeling and summarizing data as a statistician does. Second area deals with the design and usage of algorithms to process, store and visualize data just like a computer scientist. The third step is to prepare the right queries and place answers in the correct context like a domain expert

2. Data Visualization

Python is a trustworthy language used for scientific computing tasks that include both analysis and visualization of big data sets. In data science, the use cases of Python get generated from an extensive and dynamic ecosystem of third-party packages named NumPy and the likes for handling homogeneous array-based data. For the management of heterogeneous and labeled data, Pandas are applicable. Sci-Kit Learn is for machine learning; SciPi is used for computing tasks, and so forth. Therefore, the role of the data scientist is to combine Python programming language with statistical techniques to interpret and analyse complex data

3. Application Development 

Python is a good choice for the development of web applications. Because, it integrates nicely with other programming languages. It also has some remarkable web frameworks that increase the application development cycle. The web frameworks of Python essentially make it simple to put together common backend logic. So, it can come in handy in dealing with the databases, generating HTML files, map URLs that have a codebase, and much more.

4. Automation

On certain occasions, tasks become too specialized to have regular software. It is then that scripting comes to the rescue. With Python, developers can script custom automation and make tasks more efficient in hardly any time. Automating repetitive tasks, namely organizing files and folders, launching programs, sending emails, voicemails, and filling out forms can be automated through scripting.

Python proves effective in creating web applications at a quick rate. It is possible because Python uses a particular framework to make such applications. Common-backend logic is used to make these frameworks and some libraries, which can aid in integrating protocols such as FTP, SSL, and HTTPS.

It even makes it easy the processing E-Mails, JSON, XML, and much more. Among the most renowned frameworks are Flask, Pyramid, and Django. A framework is used as it offers convenience, security, and scalability in a commendable manner in case we contrast it to establishing the development of a website from the beginning.

6. AI and Machine Learning 

The pre-built libraries of Python are the basis on which people prefer it for AI and machine learning development. Numpy is for scientific computation, Scipy comes in handy for technical and scientific computing, Pybrain assists machine learning, and other python libraries function as helpful technology for AI and ML development. There are some common python libraries for AI, such as AIMA, EasyAI, SimpleAI, and pyDatalog.

7. Audio and Video Applications

Python is a preferred programming language. It proves helpful in creating audio and video applications. Spotify app is a perfect example of this, and it is made using Python programming language. Other python libraries, for example, PyDub, and OpenCV support the construction of audio and video streaming apps that work with a high level of functionality to aid users.

Having said that!

Python finds its extensive usage in different areas that include game development, business applications, internet and web application development, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AR) and operating systems. It’s an all-purpose programming language that is used for several things. Out of all the applications, scripting, data science and web development are 3 of the core arenas where Python finds its use. Some of the world biggest companies use Python. The names include JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Pixar, Facebook and Netflix. Even YouTube has been written in Python to a great extent. It’s the same for Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit.

UniKaksha’s Game Development Using Python course is designed to begin your game development career. Learn to create retro games a straight way and transform yourself into the revered skilled game developer. How do you find the article? Feel free to comment below.

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