Top 5 reasons to SkillFit yourself with Java Programming

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : September 20, 2022

Among the most heated debates in the software engineering industry is “what is the best programming language?”. There is no right answer to this since everyone has their own preference when it comes to coding. In reality, it is all subjective based on which type of coding one prefers. Mastering Java programming can offer a multitude of benefits that make it a compelling language to SkillFit yourself.

So why JAVA? 

On the list of the world’s most popular programming languages, Java is ranked second by the TIOBE index.

With Java, developers can create robust, high-performance applications that are versatile and powerful. It is the core platform for developing and deploying enterprise software, web-based content, games, and mobile applications. In addition, Java skills are in high demand by employers across a wide range of industries. 

Here are some reasons to SkillFit yourself with the Java programming, regardless of your passion for using Java to enhance and advance your tech career. 

Learning Java is easy

It may surprise you to find this as one of the top reasons to learn Java or to consider it the best programming language, but it is true. Designed to be beginner-friendly, Java offers a safe environment for beginners to experiment with the language and make mistakes. In addition to being simple to use, Java is a comprehensive high-level language, which allows users to focus more on programming rather than more complicated machine details.

With Java’s English-like syntax and minimal magic characters like angle brackets, reading Java programs is easy.

It is a widely used programming language

It is widely used in a variety of applications, from web development to mobile apps to scientific computing.  In addition to being used commonly with business applications and Android mobile platforms, Java is continuously updated to stay current with industry trends and can support many different languages. Computer software and information technology are among the largest industries using Java.

Versatility makes it one of the best

One of the reasons for Java’s popularity is its platform independence. Programs written in Java can run on any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This means that code written in Java can be easily ported to other platforms without needing to be rewritten. As a result, Java is a versatile choice for computers, applications, gaming consoles, and more because it is secure, robust, and scalable.

It pays well to be a Java developer

Whether in India or other countries,  Java developers earn handsome pay.  Each time we use our phones, laptops, or apps, we are using Java developers’ hard work. Because of this, Java engineers are highly sought-after and the jobs are extremely lucrative.

Support of the best open source libraries and APIs

There have been a lot of helpful libraries contributed by organizations like Google, Apache, and others that make Java development easier, faster, and more cost-effective. With Java, you have access to these open-source libraries such as Various frameworks, such as Spring, Struts, Google’s Guava, and Maven, which support Java development by following best practices of software craftsmanship, promoting design patterns, and assisting Java developers.

How & Where can you learn Java programming?

Now that we’ve covered “Why learn Java?” the question you might be asking is, How can I learn Java? How do I choose the most reliable institute for learning?

Let’s answer that for you!

Well, Unikaksha runs a TechFit JAVA Full Stack Development Program. The course teaches you not just Java, but so much more as well. Our course is designed by taking into account what skills Java developers and backend engineers require, then incorporating those skills into a comprehensive curriculum. Data structures & algorithms, database management, object-oriented programming, and Java are all included in our curriculum. We are confident that our Java Programming course will make you SkillFit and give you an edge over your competitors.

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