Intern To A Full-Time Employee – My Journey At Unikaksha

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : September 25, 2023

From starting as a fresh face in the operations field to now holding a full-time position with us, Pooja Pandey has truly come a long way! We are proud to announce that she is now our esteemed Placement executive at UniKaksha. To celebrate her achievements, we sat down with Pooja to hear about her journey this far.

Pooja is an absolute superstar. Her infectious smile can light up any room, making her an absolute joy to work with! When asked about her experience at UniKaksha, Pooja couldn’t contain her excitement as she shared that her transition from intern to full-time employee has been incredibly worthwhile.

Now, let’s hear it all in Pooja’s own words:

“Hi, I’m Pooja Pandey and this is my journey from being an intern to becoming a full-time employee at UniKaksha. Now, first of all, I’d like to thank UniKaksha’s nurturing work environment – as I have discovered my passion for operations here.”

“After graduating, I was on the lookout for a career that would challenge and inspire me. After careful consideration, I decided to venture into the operations field. I was thrilled about the opportunity to improve processes and find solutions in a fast-paced environment, which perfectly aligned with my love for efficiency and productivity.”
When I started my internship at UniKaksha, everything felt new and unfamiliar. However, I was fortunate enough to have Melissa as my manager, along with a supportive team who warmly embraced me. Their guidance and encouragement helped me overcome initial challenges, allowing me to quickly adapt to the company’s workflows and culture.”

“During my internship, I learned the ins and outs of operations, gaining valuable insights with each task and gradually proving myself as a valuable team member. The knowledge I acquired from the UniKaksha team not only contributed to my professional growth but also enhanced my understanding of operations as a whole.

When asked how she developed a liking for operations, she replied: “Every day in the operations field presented me with different challenges, from coordinating with various teams to analyzing data for process improvement. Despite being new to the field, I discovered a genuine love for my role and found immense satisfaction in problem-solving.”

Pooja then shared her thoughts on UniKaksha’s work culture, “I must mention that UniKaksha’s work culture played a pivotal role in shaping my journey. The company places a strong emphasis on employee well-being and fosters open communication and collaboration. Through regular team meetings and individual sessions, my professional skills were honed. Additionally, the encouraged interactions both inside and outside of work helped me build meaningful relationships with my colleagues, providing invaluable support.”

As Pooja’s internship drew to a close, she was overjoyed to be offered a full-time position at UniKaksha. She reflects on her journey from intern to full-time employee as incredibly rewarding. With a supportive team, fulfilling responsibilities, and an encouraging work environment, Pooja is excited about the future and eager to contribute even more to UniKaksha’s growth and success!

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