National Techies Day: History, Date & Importance!

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : October 3, 2023

National Techies Day is here to remind us how much we owe to those mystical beings known as “techies.” These unsung heroes work their magic behind screens; conjuring up websites, apps, & software that have become indispensable for us. From ordering food online to video calling our loved ones- everything we do, and surround ourselves in daily lives with, is their creation!

So grab your beverage or a cup of coffee if you’re more into Java 😉 and dive with us in the world of National Techies Day! Though if you’re a true connoisseur of Java and want to enhance your skills then you may also take a look at our blog: Supercharge Your Performance – Crucial Java Developer Tools for 2023!

Coming to National Techies Day– in this blog we’ll tell you everything you may need to know to celebrate this occasion. But first, let’s start with…

Who Is A Techie?

The word “techie” was first used in the 1980s in the US, to denote a college student, who’s pursuing a technical degree.

A techie is someone who lives & breathes technology. Moreover, techies use technology to solve problems and create new things. They’re skilled in one or more areas, such as programming, coding, software development, web design, or IT support. They are also often interested in new technologies and trends, and they are always eager to learn more.

Techies are part of sorts of industries, from startups to large corporations. They play a vital role in our society, as they’re responsible for developing and maintaining the technologies that we rely on every day.

Here are some of the qualities that techies often share:

  • Passion for technology: Techies love to learn about new technologies and how they can be used to solve problems.
  • Creativity: Techies are often creative and innovative thinkers. They are not afraid to experiment with new ideas and to try new things.
  • Problem-solving skills: Techies are skilled at solving problems and finding creative solutions.
  • Attention to detail: Techies are often detail-oriented and meticulous in their work.
  • Ability to learn quickly: Techies are able to learn new technologies and skills quickly.

If you have these qualities, and writing codes is how you jam then you may be a techie!

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National Techies Day History & Date

National Techies Day is celebrated each year on 3rd October, which was allegedly introduced by Computer Networks and Technology in the year 1999. Since then, this date has been celebrated throughout the world as a reminder of “thanking” all the techies- coders, programmers, IT personnel, computer specialists, etc.

Importance Of Celebrating National Techies Day!

Techies Day is important because it is a day to celebrate the contributions of techies to society. Apart from recognizing the contributions of the techies, celebrating this day can also be used to:

  • Educate the public about technology: Techies Day can be used to provide educational resources and events that help the public to learn more about technology and its impact on society.
  • Promote STEM education: This day can also be used as a “way to encourage” students and young minds to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.

Overall, National Techies Day is a valuable opportunity to celebrate the pioneering contributions of techies and to promote technology literacy and equity in society.

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At UniKaksha have courses tailor-made for everyone- be it someone fresh out of grad school or individuals thinking of a career switch. Anyone can be a “techie” with the right determination and support. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your opportunity to become the “techie” and join the coding revolution.


Frequently Asked Question

October 3rd is the National Techies Day

National Techies Day is a fantastic opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the contributions of techies in our lives and society.

Here are some ways to celebrate this day:

1. By attending tech events or conferences

2. Visiting tech museums or exhibitions

3. Hosting tech meetups or hackathons

1. Giving back to the tech community by educating and promoting tech-related information amongst children

1. By celebrating the techies in your life

It was allegedly coined/ founded by National Technology Day by CNET- a media website that posts articles, podcasts, videos, etc related to latest techs.

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