MEAN VS MERN: Choose Best for a Fast-growing Career & Salary

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : May 24, 2022

The popularity of full-stack development is on the rise in the technology world. Hence, the tools that support such development have increased extensively. Among the various technologies used for full-stack development, perhaps the most popular ones are MEAN and MERN.

Both the MEAN and MERN technologies are full-stack frameworks that use Java-coded components. The main difference between the two is that while MEANS is on Angular JS, the MERN is on React JS. With the help of these frameworks, the developers can come up with an intuitive and reactive user interface.

If you are a developer looking to learn these skills to enhance your career, you need to determine the ones that would be better for your personal goals. You must understand which stack can be good for you, and for that, you need to understand the underlying essential differences between them.

What is MEAN Stack Development?

The acronym MEAN is an abbreviation for the technologies MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. Since this is a full-stack development technology, developers can use it to come up with all kinds of applications very conveniently. MEAN can be used for a wide range of web-based applications. If you are planning on developing applications quickly within a short period, you can use MEAN to achieve the best results. The MEAN stack is compatible with different types of widgets and plug-ins.

The MEAN stack is ideal for creating hybrid mobile applications instead of native apps. Since MEAN stack is an open-source technology based on JavaScript, developers can benefit from the extensive community support that comes with it. The production process for the web and hybrid applications is also made easier in MEAN with the different types of useful built-in tools.

The best thing about MEAN is that it works with a single language for managing both front and back-end development. It means better coordination between the two ends that ensures faster response times while developing applications.

Advantages of MEAN Stack Development:

The main benefit that professional MEAN stack developers can have is working with a large base of plugins and compatible tools. With the help of these tools, you can optimize the time needed for system administration purposes. Therefore, it is no wonder that MEAN is an effective stack.

With stack, developers can deploy applications quickly and resolve complex developmental challenges. MEAN is a popular framework for making applications. Since it is an open-source app development framework, it also has many takers. So, if you are planning to boost your skills with full-stack development, you should go for MEAN. There is always a high demand for MEAN stack developers in numerous software development companies. When you learn MEAN, you can cultivate the knowledge and skills to build mobile apps and websites easily and rapidly from scratch. You can have excellent career growth when you learn the MEAN stack.

Apps developed with the help of MEAN are lightweight and easy to use. While it is true that reputed software development companies also hire MEAN developers, they are mostly in demand in start-up firms. Careers for MEAN developers can also be substantially rewarding in terms of salaries.

What is MERN Stack Development?

Compared to MEAN, the MERN stack is new, and it has been gaining substantial popularity and traction in the last few years. MERN stack development tools are effective for making top-end web-based apps. MERN is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

The distinct aspect of the MERN stack is that it is a useful open source technology stack and uses JavaScript databases, frameworks, and runtime environments. With MERN, you have an end-to-end framework that makes app development easy. MERN allows developers to use only one coding script for managing front-end and back-end development works. The entire app development process is manageable with just JAVA and JSON.

Since it operates with the MVC architecture, it can minimize the potential for errors. MERN provides access to numerous built-in tools that can improve and simplify the app development and production process. They also allow developers to carry out real-time testing.

Advantages of MERN Stack Development

When you opt for MERN Stack Development, it can provide you with excellent scope for boosting your skills and knowledge of full-stack development. Software companies worldwide love working with MEAN stack developers and MERN stack developers because they can bring some unique value to their business. The earning potential for developers skilled in the MERN stack is huge. You can have a lot of flexibility in your line of work. It makes MEAN and MERN stacks lucrative for developers looking to build a rewarding career.

Kick Start your Career in Tech by becoming a Full-Stack Developer!

Full-stack is becoming a widely revered segment of the developer population globally. As per a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, developers will see a job growth of 27 percent by 2024.

Over To You!

Both these stacks provide optimum security. But, if you look for scalability then MERN will be your choice for providing scalable solutions. If you are looking to develop an enterprise-level application, you will certainly require maintaining the architecture. Here MEAN will be your choice compared to MERN. Overall, both these stacks are highly effective and share several similarities and thus add a range of benefits to the users. Hence MERN and MEAN developers are in great demand as they prove beneficial for organizations looking for expertise in this regard.

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