6 Myths about Full-stack Development that you must Know

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : May 27, 2022

Full-stack developers are always in demand in companies that specialize in software development. These developers are skilled in managing both the front end and the backend development requirements of a project. However, the truth is that there are not sufficient numbers of full-stack developers in the market. These developers create the user interface of the application, but the server-side aspects of it. 

The value of a full-stack developer is great that it has become a buzzword to use a developer like that for any project. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are many myths associated with the process of full-stack development. For instance, business owners think that full-stack development is a rather complicated process. The truth is not hard, but the developer needs to be aware of multiple skills and technologies to do the work. 

6 Myths About Full-stack Development

So let’s look at some of the most common myths about full-stack development that you need to know.

Myth #1 – Developers should start with the front end skills

Plenty of people believe that just because front-end development skills enjoy a high demand at all times, a full-stack developer must develop such skills and move towards the back-end development technologies. It could not be farther from the truth. 

You can start from the backend and then move to front-end technologies or try out a combination of both. Once you gain more experience as a developer, you can focus on the areas in which you currently lack sufficient knowledge and expertise.  

Myth #2 – Full-stack developers must have the ability to write codes in practically any language

It is a common misconception that people have that full-stack developers must have the ability to write codes in any language when they need to do that. While it may be true in some cases, this does not happen in many. Even though a developer may be able to write codes in some languages, they may not have the skill to do so in every language. Since they cannot write codes in all languages, they start writing codes in programming languages that they know or seem easiest to them. The best developers are always looking to learn new languages and enhance their skills. So even if you start your career with knowledge of only a few programming languages, you can later cultivate further knowledge of some new ones. 

Myth #3 – Full-stack developers are required only to have technical knowledge

The idea that full-stack developers are required to have technical knowledge is baseless and wrong. The developers should consider other factors like project management while working on an app development project. Full-stack developers need a proper understanding of business-related aspects such as operations, sales, and marketing. 

Full-stack developers need to write documentation and other paperwork for the product that the developer is working on. The full-stack developers must be able to handle all stages of development associated with a project, starting from the initial phases all through the deployment. The developers must also have in-depth knowledge about the numerous technologies and techniques used in every stage.  

Myth #4 – Full-stack developers must be expert coders and programmers

While full-stack developers play a vital role in the seamless management of the app development project, they are not necessarily expert programmers or a coder. These developers can handle coding for the front-end user interface and the web pages, the server-side development, the backend database, and even some aspects of designing, marketing, and support. While they must have good knowledge of coding, they may not be experts in all facets of coding. Nevertheless, it is still essential for full-stack developers to know to code. It makes their work easier. 

Myth #5 – All professional full stack developers do the same thing 

Full-stack developers tend to be some of the most desired developers in app development. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that not all full-stack developers are the same and do the same work. They all do not even have the same skill sets. The truth is that there are numerous ways in which developers can come up with full-stack applications. 

The methods used for a project will depend on the project requirements and the technical approach associated with it. There is no single method of full-stack app development that can be termed as better than the others. It is based on the project and its nature that developers are chosen.

Myth #6 – Mastering JavaScript can help you to become a full-stack developer

Even though front-end developers use JavaScript for user interface development, it is not the only one you need when trying to become a full-stack developer. Other programming languages used for developing full-stack apps are PHP, Python, and Express for backend development. Such proficiency in languages can simplify full-stack development in more ways than one.

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Over to you!

Proper knowledge of full-stack development makes one a skilled programmer. As a programmer, you would be able to understand different interfaces, user experience, designing principles, and database architecture.

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