5 Best Front End JavaScript Framework to Learn in 2022

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : March 30, 2022

Frameworks are fantastic and powerful tools to build web and mobile apps. Frameworks control the entire web development operations and offer a pleasing user experience. Without frameworks, it would be much more time-consuming and difficult to build a solid product for users.
In this blog post, we are going to discuss the 5 frontend JavaScript Frameworks to learn in 2022. But before that one must first understand what a Framework is?

The framework is a large driver that enables developers to customize the pre-defined components of an application as per the application’s need. It also helps in improving the overall speed of an application.

In a modern continuously growing tech world, developers need an effective front-end development framework. JavaScript has emerged as a widely used frontend framework for web development regardless of massive competition.

What is a JavaScript Framework ?

JavaScript frameworks are application frameworks created in JavaScript. Here the user-written code may be used to manipulate the functions and thus altering the functionality of the framework itself.

With JavaScript frameworks, developers can accelerate the development of new applications by providing tested tools. These tools assist them with rapidly expanding the functionality of JavaScript to work with the front and back end of a web application.

Before landing into the most popular Frontend JavaScript framework, let’s answer one more important question.

Why use JavaScript Framework?

Frameworks enable developers to create web pages that are much more responsive and adaptable than traditional website designs. A JavaScript framework is a kind of tool that makes it easier for programming enthusiasts to code applications using JavaScript. It also makes it feasible for the programmer to code an application in a way that makes it device responsive.

This amazing responsive functionality is another benefit of why a programmer chooses the JavaScript framework over other higher-level languages. Also, the JavaScript framework comes in ready-made profiles tailored for specific purposes to improve functionality without the need to write code from scratch. Let’s examine the 5 best JS frameworks for front-end development in 2022.

Most Popular 5 FrontEnd JavaScript Framework for 2022

Vue.JS Framework

In the year 2014, Vuejs, a front-end JavaScript framework was released. The framework has collected more than 191,000 stars on GitHub, thereby making Vuejs the most revered framework on this list. Vue.js was written and is still maintained by its community. Developers love it because it’s very easy to integrate, letting them dive right into work with no hassle.

With well-written documentation and awesome support from the community, Vue.js makes a great option for beginners, which provides a range of tools you won’t find anywhere else! In addition, Vue.js offers an extensive array of tools including debuggers, end-to-end testing tools, browser controllers, server renderers, plugin installers, state managers – the list goes on!

Reasons to choose Vue.JS for Front End Development

  • Vue.js works with a virtual DOM, which means any code changes will be made on a replica of the DOM and not displayed immediately. Designers can experiment more freely with interface designs by taking advantage of the simulation.
  • Vue.js comes with the data binding feature. These features make it easier for developers to change the style, use binding direction (v-bind) and create fixed values for HTML attributes.
  • Its CSS Transitions and Animations feature offers several techniques to apply a transition to HTML elements when removed, updated, or added from the DOM.
  • It offers HTML-based templates to combine Vue.js instance data with the DOM into the Virtual Dom Renders function. A developer can easily make use of the render function and can replace the template as well.
  • Owing to the Vue.js framework’s computing capabilities, a developer can easily weigh up the alterations in the UI design. This characteristic enables the incorporation of additional computed features without writing any extra code.
  • The primary feature for choosing the Vue.js framework for front-end development is its 18-21Kb size. Despite its small size, it offers comparatively higher speeds. Vue.js persuades developers to use it for both big and small-scale app projects.
  • If your application project needs a performance boost, rewriting the application using Vue.js can offer desired results. Vue.js is a progressive framework that can be gradually integrated into your project over time, instead of having to do it all at once.
  • It offers Future-ready solutions. After coding and releasing your app, there will always be some bug fixes or new features you want to add to maintain its stability or enhance its functionality.

React.JS Framework

React is one of the leading frontend JavaScript frameworks for developing single-page applications and progressive web apps. Facebook created this library and it has experienced a recent surge in popularity among developers because of its ease of use, performance, and efficiency to create reusable components.

ReactJS is very flexible. Its architecture allows you to divide your front-end code into custom components. This gives you a strong foundation to help you optimize the overall process of development and management. The React is in the middle of being opinionated: It neither locks you in nor guides you into their way of doing things with their framework.

Other advantages are that it’s more lightweight than other frameworks and offers virtual DOM and one-way binding. It is the revered choice for programmers who want to save time in creating an interactive interface as react components are reusable.

Reasons to choose React.js for Front End Development

  • React.js has a large community support
  • The reusable components make it an amazing JavaScript framework
  • React utilizes one-way data binding with all application architecture
  • It can be easily combined with other JS frameworks and libraries
  • Migration between varied versions is easy
  • React Hook (a component) allows the developers to effortlessly write the components without classes, ensuring ease of learning
  • React.js works with Virtual DOM
  • It can be easily integrated with several third-party MVC frameworks and libraries
  • React uses server-side rendering thereby making it a performance-oriented solution to develop content-focused applications.
  • Front-end development with React.js results in building highly testable applications.

Angular.JS Framework

AngularJS is an open-source web application framework created by Google to address challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. AngularJS development sets forth an environment that’s stable, fast, and easily readable. It offers features that allow you to extend HTML vocabulary for your application.

The framework assists developers to contest the single-page web applications challenges with ease. As more and more clients are opting for Angular. Js Development Services over other platforms, it’s gaining popularity day by day. According to the NPM reports, Angular.js has surpassed 638,437 weekly downloads.

Reasons to choose AngularJS Framework for Front End Development

  • The Angular JS framework has the Simplified Architecture. It follows the MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture. MCV is a software design pattern used for web and mobile applications.
  • In an intricate application, the need to unit test JavaScript is essential. AngularJS facilitates seamless unit testing by creating separate test pages.
  • AngularJS has the availability of several tools that comes in handy and save a lot of time while developing an application :
  • – Djangular is used to create AngularJS content material for each application
  • – Karma provides an effective test environment for developers to allow suitable testing of apps or websites on devices
  • – Protractoris an amazing test runner that offers end-to-end testing by running on a browser
  • AngularJS provides great flexibility for server communication. It offers services over and above XHR to simplify the code thereby allowing abstract API calls into reusable services.

Ember.JS Framework

Ember.js is a JavaScript framework that’s open source and uses a Model View-View model (MVVM) architecture. What does that mean? Well, it means that Ember.js allows interactive interfaces to be designed effectively, making it one of the more capable front-end frameworks in the industry today.

Ember is a complete framework for creating applications with excellent debugging solutions and it can provide a developer with a full stack that is fast and reliable. In addition, Ember.js has multiple plugins available as add-ons that help you do a variety of things like collect user information – making it an excellent choice for business applications or services.

Reasons to choose Ember.JS Framework for Front End Development

5 best frontend javascript frameworks

  • It is the first choice for writing web applications and for developers who are into the sort of all-tools-included framework approach
  • Ember CLI or sometimes called Command Line Interface is a tool that supports Ember.js development. It allows you to solely interact with the device’s operating system, getting you optimal accessibility and customization options.
  • The best thing about this is the fact that it’s backward compatible with older apps using the framework since they are not affected by revolutions in the framework that come along with time
  • Ember.JS Framework offers CSS and HTML development models at the core
  • It offers Ember Inspector tools which are used to debug Ember applications

Backbone.JS Framework

Backbone.js is a popular open-source JavaScript library that provides models and collections with the functionality needed to support essential client-side behaviour.

Backbone.js is lightweight, flexible, and works well with modern web development trends like JavaScript frameworks, REST backends (such as NodeJS), and streaming data services such as Pusher. Backbone.js also supports RESTful JSON endpoints by making it trivial to create collections that map across all your data sources.

Reasons to choose Backbone.JS Framework for Front End Development

  • Backbone.js Framework is lightweight and has a minimalistic approach to app structure. Its file size is smaller than a majority of JavaScript frameworks
  • Its library consists of efficiently structured web app building blocks including models, collections, routers, views, and events.
  • Developers can use template engines like jQuery-tmpl and Mustache.
  • It is a foremost choice for front-end developers as it supports REST APIs – used to synchronize front-end processes.
  • Backbone.js Framework functions on the idea that various server-side functions are required to flow directly through APIs to achieve complex functionalities with minimal code.

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