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By Robin
Published on - 8 May 2022
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10 Most Asked Full Stack Developer Interview Questions Full stack development solutions are highly in demand these days, and if you are looking to get a mobile app or software developed from scratch, you will probably need the help of a skilled and efficient full-stack developer. Basically, a full stack developer or web developer is an individual capable of developing client-side and server-side software. These developers are skilled at working with HTML and CSS. They can also have skills with JavaScript, Vue, Angular, and jQuery used for programming a browser. They also have in-depth knowledge programming a server with applications like PHP, Node, Python, and ASP. The technology that the full-stack developer works with is known as full-stack technology. This full-stack technology is of in-depth computer system applications. Professional full-stack developers are adept at working on the front-end and the back end. A 2019 study reveals that the full-stack developers salary in Bengaluru city ranges from 6.25 lakhs to 14.22 lakhs per annum. When you are looking to hire a full-stack developer for your project, you need to ask some crucial full-stack developer interview questions that can help you to determine if the developer is right for you or not. It can help you enhance the value and efficiency of the project you are working on. Also read: Popular Full Stack Development Technology Stacks to look for in the year 2022

10 Most Asked Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Q1: Which is your most preferred language and why? A1: Full-stack developers typically work with numerous languages, and it is significant that they have a deep understanding of all of them. Since they need to work with different coding languages, having only a single favorite coding language can be a red flag or alarm signal. Therefore, make sure that the full-stack developers have efficiency with at least a few coding languages they can work both on the front-end and back end. The developer should be able to work with essential technologies HTML, CSS, PHP, Angular, Java, and Python, to name a few. Q2: Do you keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in the full-stack development industry, and if it is so then how you do that? A2: By asking this question, you can immediately understand the depth of knowledge and efficiency of a full-stack developer in relation to the technology he uses. The developer should show evidence that he is actively involved in learning new skills so that he is able to deliver striking results in terms of the development project that he handles. The developer may also show some of the projects he has worked on and skills he has used for them. Q3: What are the things you have come across and learned most recently? A3: When you ask this question, you gain a better understanding of the level of skills the developer has. It is one of the most potential developer interview questionsyou can ask a full-stack developer. The developer should be thoroughly aware of the latest trends within the industry to recommend the best technologies for you. It is also imperative that you come across as a person who is knowledgeable about web development and knows what he is talking about. Also Read: What are the Benefits of Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer? Q4: What qualities define a skilled and efficient full-stack developer? This question will show how dedicated the developer is to becoming a skilled full stack developer and delivering top-notch development solutions to his clients. The full-stack developer should have skills with different types of coding languages. He should also have good coordination skills that help him work as a part of a team. Q5: What is Cross-Origin Resource Sharing? A5: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing or CORS is a process used to access different types of web resources available on various domains. Using CORS, it is possible to integrate web scripts more openly with the external content present in the original domain. Such a process ensures better integration between the web services Q6: Discuss a project you have already worked on and how did you combine different technologies for it? A6: This question will help you determine the methodology the developer uses when looking to work on a full-stack development project. You can know about the sharpness and deftness of the developer in terms of the decisions that he makes. It is also essential you ask the developer about working with specific toolsets. Q7: How do you deal with technical errors of your team? A7: This is a question that will help you know the team working skills that the developer has and the measures that he takes to ensuring optimum quality standards. The developer should be able to deliver the best results without leading to resentment among teammates. Q8: Execution or managing, which part of the project are you more comfortable? A8: This will help you know whether the developer is more adept at managing the whole project or is skilled at working with the more technical aspects of the work. Also Read: What is a Full Stack Developer? How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022 Q9: Do you know what multi-threading is? A9: Multithreading or multi-threading helps to enhance CPU performance significantly. Your developer should have detailed knowledge about this. Q10: How to reduce loading time for applications?  It is one of the essential steps to make an app work, and so your developer should be aware of the various methods to achieve this goal.

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