Top 7 Backend Web Development Frameworks in 2022

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : May 25, 2022

In our previous article, the most popular Front End JavaScript Framework, we had discussed – What is a JavaScript Framework? Why use JavaScript Framework? And what are the 5 best font-end JavaScript Frameworks to learn in 2022? 


In this article, we will discuss the Top 7 Backend Web Development Frameworks in 2022. When it comes to application programming or web development, there are mainly two aspects to it, i.e. front and backend development. The server side of the web application is something that a backend developer needs to work on. 


Just like the front end of the application is the side that end users interact with, the back end is responsible for managing all the behind-the-scenes functionalities. It is, therefore, imperative to have a well-developed back end connected to the front end of the application. While the front-end developer mainly emphasizes the appearance of the app and its general user interface, the backend developer works with servers and databases and the mechanism in which they are connected and interact together. 


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Best Backend Web Development Frameworks in 2022


Here is a look at the top 7 backend web development frameworks that you can use in 2022. To achieve results with greater efficiency with backend development, it is essential to use backend web development frameworks that help the developer work with ease. Using the most relevant backend development frameworks will help you make the most advantage of tech stacks and programming languages suitable for the needs of your project. 


1)     Django 


Django is the first one on our list. It is counted as one of the popular frameworks used for diverse web development projects. If you are a Python developer, the Python framework is an ideal choice for you. It is designed according to the Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY principle, which means that the Django framework works by reusing codes and boosting the development speed. Django is also known to be secure. It is also very user-friendly and can suit your developmental style conveniently. If you still do not know how to use or work with Django, you can learn this with ease. The full-stack framework can offer numerous functionalities, such as REST API support.  


2)     Spring Framework 


Next in line is Java. Java is considered one of the significant programming languages used by developers. It finds extensive usage for managing different types of backend development requirements. Among the various frameworks based on Java, one of the most popular ones is Spring Framework. 


Ever since Spring Framework was first released, it has been used to manage thousands of backend development projects. Both production-grade, and standalone apps, can be made with the help of the Spring Framework. When put into use alongside Spring Boot, the Spring Framework can make back-end development work significantly easier for the developers. Spring Framework and Spring Boot can help manage diverse functions like security, caching, configuration management, transaction management, and monitoring tasks.


3)     Express.js 


Another great backend development framework for JavaScript developers is Express.js. It is a well-known fact that JavaScript is one of the best programming languages used worldwide. The introduction of Node.js has also led to the profound advancement of JavaScript’s popularity within the backend development community. These are factors that have led to the widespread demand for Node.js. Express is ideal for Node developers as it functions as a minimal Node.js framework used for developing super flexible applications.


4)     Laravel 


PHP Programmers are always in demand by software development companies, and over the years, many frameworks have come to the fore that make the best use of PHP. One of the most cutting-edge frameworks that you can use for PHP-based back-end development projects is the Laravel. 


Laravel uses MVC architecture and is known for its user-friendly interface, robust API support, and extensive library. It is considered one of the most beginner-friendly frameworks that you can ever find. With the help of Laravel, you can make highly secure and modern web applications. 


5)     ASP.NET core 


The ASP.NET core is a framework that is suitable for all .NET developers. This open-source framework is a successor of the ASP.NET. The platform-independent framework can help developers to create web applications on.NET platform. The simplicity and ease of use that you can get with ASP.NET core make it one of the most effective backend frameworks that you can ever have. The ASP.NET core mainly functions as a combination of ASP.NET MVC and the ASP.NET Web API within a single programming module. This is what makes it so much power. 


6)     Ruby on Rails for Ruby Programmers


Ruby on Rails, also known as the Rails works as a dedicated server-side framework based on the MVC architecture. If you are a Ruby programmer, Ruby on Rails can suit your operations just fine. It is one of the most beginner-friendly frameworks that you can learn without much effort. The simplicity and user-friendliness of Ruby on Rails make it a very commonly used backend development framework. 


7)     CakePHP Framework 


The CakePHP is yet another popular PHP framework that you can use for your backend development projects. The CakePHP follows the MVC architecture and can provide you with numerous useful features like model-view-controller, active record, front controller, data mapping, and convention over configuration.

Above mentioned, were a list of Top 7 Backend Web Development Frameworks in 2022. Which one do you use often? Are you having any trouble using any of these frameworks? Do let use know! If you like our list , then please share it with your peers and friends. If you have any questions, drop a note below. Thanks for the read!


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