Top 10 UX/UI Design Tools in 2022

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : June 16, 2022

Designers working on creative applications and websites focus on two distinct aspects associated with a project, namely UX or user experience and UI or user interface. While the user interface has to do mainly with the aesthetic elements of a website or application, the user experience is more about how users interact with the product and explore the features. Every designer working on the UX and UI design needs to work with specific design tools. Hence, the work becomes easier for them. 

Top 10 UX/UI Design Tools in 2022

UX/UI design tools do a lot of intense work when it comes to design and user research. Such tools can assist you envisage, systematize, and correspond your points to save your precious time and money. Without further ado, let us quickly look at the top 10 UX/UI design tools in 2022 that you can work with for your project.

1) Adobe XD

 The Adobe XD comes with the Adobe Creative Cloud and is an ideal product for all professionals working on UI and UX design tasks. Adobe XD allows designers to work on highly realistic web designs, brand designs, and app designs. It can be used for game design projects and prototypes. The great thing about Adobe XD is that it can help you to create prototypes very easily. You can also work with vector drawing tools, reusable components, 3D transforms, auto-animation, repeat grids, and a content-aware layout.

2) Sketch

The sketch is the perfect tool for any UX/UI designer these days. While starting as an app for Mac computers, it now comes with a web app accessible with any web browser. Since it has more than 700 extensions, like plugins, assistants, and integrations, it can easily collaborate with other software applications. The highly intuitive tools for vector editing allow designers to have a lot of flexibility when looking to design typography, characters, ligatures, and other elements.  

3) InVision Freehand

InVision Freehand functions as a simple centralized online whiteboard. The tool allows designers to use a collaborative hub for connecting and integrating the various phases of the design project. InVision Freehand allows designers to become their creative best when working on a project. Whether it’s designing, brainstorming, planning, strategy building, creating flowcharts and wireframes, conducting research, or any other task, designers can simplify the process of using InVision Freehand.  

4) Balsamiq

Balsamiq works as a potent UI wireframing tool that can aptly emulate the experience of creating artwork and sketches on a notepad or a computer whiteboard. Balsamiq allows you to communicate the details about your website or app structure while working on it. The good thing about Balsamiq is that it allows you to concentrate on the content and structure of the app or website so that you do not get distracted by the other elements. 

5) Figma

Figma is a tool that helps everyone involved in the design work to stay connected with one another so that they can come up with better results quickly. It serves as a powerful yet simple all-in-one design tool. You can access FIGJAM, which functions as a potent online whiteboard. With Figma, you can handle designing and prototyping for any project with ease. The design tools that come with Figma are developed to blend with the web. It has a pen tool that allows easy drawing in any direction through the Vector Networks. 

6) Axure RP

Axure RP can help UX designers create highly functional and realistic prototypes with endless combinations of actions, event triggers, and conditions. It allows designers to explore a wide range of digital experiences. Designers can create customer journeys, diagrams, wireframes, and other types of UX documentation along with functional UX prototypes. It is a highly intuitive tool, and the Axure RP widgets facilitate designers to create dynamic interfaces, working forms, and sortable grids.

7) Framer

Framer works as a design tool used for building stunning interactive designs. Designers can come up with realistic apps and websites within a matter of minutes. There are also pre-made layout tools, interactive components, and polished assets that come with Framer. The Framer tool also offers hundreds of ready-to-use templates. Thus, you can use those to save time as you work on a wireframe, design, or project. 

8) Marvel

The Marvel UX/UI design tool allows designers to perform rapid prototyping and testing for extensive project demands. It has an intuitive design with multiple prototyping tools that ensures fast wireframing, designing, and prototyping. You can generate design specifications instantly and connect integrations to enhance your workflow. 

9) Origami Studio

Origami Studio is one of the best free design tools designers can use to build and share interactive interfaces. Origami Studio 3 offers a wide range of necessary tools used for designing, animating, and prototyping. It also works smoothly with other design tools. Hence, that means you can easily import projects from other design tools. The Canvas with the Origami Studio lets you drag and drop and resize your prototype. 

10) FlowMapp

FlowMapp is a tool that offers high-end yet easy-to-use UX tools to carry out web design tasks. With FlowMapp, you can create great UX for beautiful websites, apps, and products. The online collaborative tools that come with FlowMapp can help you do everything from creating sitemaps to managing content and building flowcharts.  

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The numbering in the list doesn’t propose the capacity of the tool. Each UX/UI design tool shares something valuable in creating the perfect UX and UI. The best way forward is to try them out to see which one is the best to suit your requirements. How do you find the article? Feel free to share your responses in the comments section below. 

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