Everybody has a dream, and my dream is to work for a leading tech company that makes life-changing innovations, and one day lead my own tech company…

As a child, I had a fairly enjoyable childhood – a lot of playing and only a little studying. The thing that changed me into who I am today is because of my parents. Both my parents are engineers, and my mom is a computer scientist. From a young age, I had a fascination with computers and technology. I decided to take a shot at this and pursued computers at my graduation. 

Hello, I am Melinda. Here is what I’ve got to say…

Born & brought up in Coimbatore, I completed my B. Tech in Computer Science in 2019 and started working in a service-based company.  I was wanting to learn and expand my horizons and grow personally & professionally.  However, the role I was working in didn’t offer me many opportunities for growth. My goal was to improve my skills and move into a more suitable role and profile. In order to do that, I needed a platform and structure.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was joining the Full Stack Developer Program at Unikaksha. It is their reputation as educators and passionate supporters of those pursuing a career in technology that attracted me to this training institute.  My favourite aspect of the course was the mentorship and well-structured curriculum. In addition to being helpful and excellent, the instructors and trainers were also very knowledgeable. 

Although I had not heard much about Unikaksha, joining a course here in fact exceeded my expectations. The organisation played a pivotal role in my learning journey, acting as constant guidance and upskilling partner. And, guess what? Thanks to the course, I got a job as a Product Developer with a whooping salary of 21 lakhs per annum!

To all the tech aspirants out there, I’d say – ‘Doing a course from Unikaksha not only makes you attractive to companies but also helps you learn and grow every day.