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Published on - 28 Feb 2022
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‘To land an IT Job, you require a Tech Degree’ – this is one of the biggest myths about the IT sector. If you have held yourself back from pursuing a career in tech, just because you don’t have an IT or computer science degree then this blog is for you. As per the report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 26 percent (about one-quarter) of IT workers in the U.S. do not hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.  IT job without a degree You will be astonished to know that most tech jobs simply require proof that you can do a job, made easy through prior experience and certifications. If your resume can show that you’ve got the skills that most hiring managers are looking for, you are through!   Individuals often look forward to advancing their careers within their current firm or in a new company, only to find out that they lack the necessary skill for successful career progression. This is where upskilling comes in. Online teaching platforms like UniKaksha have been swiftly providing the learners an opportunity to learn in-demand tech skills through 100+ courses and certifications. Individuals can take creative lessons in vernacular languages and track their progress through regular assessments, interactive tests, and online quizzes. 

Why Tech?

Tech is constantly evolving and very rewarding in the financial sense, whether you’re a coder or another type of professional. Technology companies are looking to hire tech enthusiasts and other professionals for many different portions of their operations. The tech sector offers more openings for technical excellence, creativity, and other skills. Creative individuals will likely be employed more in Tech than in any other sector. Technology is persistently demanding fresh ideas and innovative solutions - therefore, new projects often require specific skill sets and creativity that are rare to find. While tech jobs may seem like highly sought-after positions nowadays, there are still skill gaps out there for those who want to join this growing industry which could be a potential challenge for businesses in need of changing how they market themselves!

Joining the Tech Career without IT Degree

No one path to get into the tech industry is set in stone – what works for an individual might not work for others. However, let us consider the following tips that are intended to direct anyone interested in landing their career in the tech industry.
  • Selecting a Role
A tech company comprises a broad selection of technical roles. The entry-level positions can be divided into an analyst, designers, and engineers. Identifying the best-suited position should not be an uphill task. Individuals can introspect and identify their strengths - which in turn enables them to select a role that resonates with their interests. For example, if a person has excellent communication skills or likes to be creative, then the most suited position would be that of a Designer or Creative. On the other hand, if a person is more analytical and structured than others, then they could lean towards data analysis as their specialization!
  • Code Every Day
Memorizing something and then forgetting it is better than not learning the material at all. To become a skilled coder doing the same procedure over and over again would be more useful than just reading about others doing it right or wrong. So, in my opinion, practicing coding regularly will keep your skills sharp and make you a better programmer overall. Regular practice is the best way to keep your coding skills sharp. You certainly cannot claim to be an expert coder without persistent practice. But you also need a fundamental understanding, good training, and a sound coding aptitude.
  • Apply for Internships
Taking a tech internship can help you get a feel of what day-to-day work is like. Many tech companies usually prefer less experienced professionals than full-time experienced candidates. In addition, internships are an effective way of networking with professionals, including hiring managers. This in turn has the potential to lead to full-time employment - some companies may even choose to convert their interns into permanent employees if performance is high, team fit is there and headcount availability allows. To look for internship opportunities visit the Career page of the employer’s website. You can also check their LinkedIn Profiles for ‘Graduate Openings’ for those jobs with relevant tech experience. It is prudent to reach out to the hiring manager or the job poster through LinkedIn and briefly share your interest and qualification for the specific role. This can help expedite the application process and who knows, it might open up more networking opportunities as well.
  • Hone Communication Skills
Mastering communication skills are essential when it comes to doing work in this industry. The quality of work that is produced has to be presented to the audience in a way that earns credibility. Good communication skills are incredibly important, and you must master them for professional relationships to flourish. What can one do to enhance their communication skills? There are plenty of books available on the topic, and there are also numerous videos on YouTube that could help you.
  • Social Networking
Social media presents a platform for people to connect with others. More people than ever before are using social media to stay connected, making it easier and faster to spread information or share content among peers. In this way, individuals can publish their job needs on social platforms, and connect with relevant users who they may not have found in other ways. You can also post about completed projects and ask the followers for feedback. You can build a personal portfolio by creating your website, GitHub profile, and even your blog.
  • Attend a few Hackathons
Hackathons are a chance to create something new, network with like-minded developers, or get inspired to start learning to code. The participants are expected to work with each other for up to 24 hours close to each for little or no pay, and very slim chances of winning a prize. However, joining a few hackathons enables you to make valuable connections, experience the thrill of creating amazing projects, and meet like-minded people who may help you to get the tech job you always wanted. Conclusion:  A college degree is not a prerequisite to getting a tech job. Those with a technical degree may be in higher demand than those who don't have one, but education doesn't always equal skills and experience. The future looks bright for people working in the tech industry. Learning extra-curricular technical skills like basic coding and statistical analysis can be useful for helping you move into better career positions and opportunities in the future even though there are other ways to get a foot in the door earlier on. With that being said, missing those skills shouldn't stop anyone from applying as it's never too late! Join UniKaksha’s TechFit, a one-of-a-kind full-stack developer program that offers assures guaranteed jobs with a median CTC of 6.5 LPA (on successful completion).

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