A Workplace That Nurtures Personal Growth and Innovation – An Employee’s Testimonial

By Tarun kumar | Last Updated : May 15, 2023

Apurva is a highly skilled and accomplished operational executive, whose exceptional abilities have greatly impressed us. We were fascinated to learn about her noteworthy experience working with UniKaksha and asked her to share her journey with our readers. Without further ado, here’s what she had to say:

“ Hi, my name is Apurva and I am an operational executive at UniKaksha. I had two years of experience in the BPO Industry as a Customer service executive before joining UniKaksha. I was actively looking to transition into the Education-Technology Industry as it has a lot of scope.

As my next step to make this dream of mine come true. I applied for the role of an operational executive at UniKaksha. The interview process went well, but at the same time, I was offered another role by another Ed-Tech company. So I was a bit confused about what to choose.

Then I reached out to my current manager, Melissa Dsouza, who was kind enough to connect on a call with me. She helped me understand what learning opportunities I could have at UniKaksha. She was also kind enough to extend me a few days to make my decision about joining UniKaksha.

After careful consideration, I ultimately selected UniKaksha and I’m absolutely thrilled that I did!

The onboarding process was seamless. Additionally, the company possesses the best work culture. My colleagues helped me feel at home, and I made some great friends too. We always work as a team and help each other out in times of need.

The collaboration and receptiveness to fresh ideas demonstrated by UniKaksha’s management team is truly exceptional. They actively solicit and consider input from all team members, working collaboratively to find optimal solutions. Additionally, their willingness to explore novel approaches creates an atmosphere that fosters creativity and support, resulting in a truly enriching work experience.

UniKaksha has been an outstanding learning experience for me, as I have gained a wide range of hard skills such as resolving students’ queries, managing WhatsApp communications, calling on leads, and handling inquiries. Along with these skills, I have also developed the ability to multitask, work collaboratively with teams across various departments, and manage challenging situations effectively.

The experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone, resulting in significant personal growth and a deeper understanding of the industry.

I am particularly impressed with UniKaksha’s commitment to nurturing a growth mindset and encouraging new ideas. Their management style is innovative and open-minded, providing a welcoming environment for employees to flourish. I wholeheartedly recommend accepting a job offer from UniKaksha without hesitation. They truly excel in every aspect and are deserving of a perfect five-star rating.”

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Luqmaan Shaik
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Luqmaan Shaik serves as the Blog Specialist at Unikaksha, where he leads a team of technical writers dedicated to researching and providing valuable content for blog readers. With a wealth of experience in SEO tools and technologies, his writing interests encompass a wide range of subjects, reflecting the diverse nature of the articles. During his leisure time, he indulges in an equal balance of web content and book consumption.

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