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Published on - 26 May 2022
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Seven best low code platforms to use in 2022low code development platform, also known as a "low code platform" is an application that offers a Graphical User Interface or GUI for programming. It can develop the code at a faster rate that can ensure better results than traditional programming methods. The benefit of using these low code platforms is that they can minimize manual coding efforts. They can also help in the quick setup of the coding and deployment.

Advantages of Using the Low Code Platforms or Tools

There are distinct benefits of using low code platforms to assist application development. With the help of these platforms, it is possible to enhance the organizational agility involved in the software development process. These platforms can minimize the complexity of the working methods used to create the applications.
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Another advantage of using the low code platforms is that they can reduce the cost of development while ensuring high productivity and output. Application developers can create better quality applications in much less time.

List of Low Code Platforms that you can use in 2022

We have compiled the list of best  low-code platforms for you to try out in 2022.  These include: Visual LANSA Visual LANSA can help carry out low code application development for different enterprise application development. The main benefit of using Visual LANSA is that it can enhance the productivity level of the development team to a great extent. It offers a powerful low code IDE creating web, desktop, and mobile apps. Visual LANSA can be useful for building apps quicker and easier than conventional methods. Visual LANSA also offers extensive controls for testing, integration, and deployment. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://lansa.com/products/visual-lansa/ Quixy Quixy provides a cloud-based no-code app development platform to automate workflows so that it is possible to build different types of enterprise-grade applications. The applications developed with the help of Quixy help make custom apps without any coding. The process is carried out almost ten times faster than with traditional methods. With the help of Quixy, it is possible to get rid of the manual processes so that the applications can deliver better productivity. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://quixy.com/ Retool Retool is considered one of the fastest low code platforms for building internal tools. You can make visually designed applications that effectively interface with API or database. The Retool platform can help users switch to code practically anywhere to customize the procedure apps work and look. Retool makes it convenient for users to move a large number of apps to work on business goals. All of this is done in less time. The best thing about Retool is that it helps create apps for resolving internal workflows. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://retool.com/in GeneXus GeneXus is an AI-based automatic software development tool. It can create different types of apps for end-users. The apps created with the help of GeneXus include native apps, web apps, hybrid apps, virtual apps, chatbots, and Apple TV apps. App developers can have a high level of flexibility in creating and deploying applications. With GeneXus, software developers gain access to extensive databases that help in application development. GeneXus ensures interoperability features for extensive system integrations. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://www.genexus.com/en/ Creatio Studio Creatio, also known as Creatio is intelligent low code development and process management platform. It can provide some of the best out-of-the-box templates and technical solutions. The Creatio Marketplace provides ready-to-use apps that can extend platform functionality. The BPM engine offered by Creatio can ensure optimum flexibility for managing structured and unstructured processes. The UI is user-friendly. Hence, it is used for visual modeling. The low code platform can facilitate automation for building configurative solutions with the least effort. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://www.creatio.com/ Web.com Web.com is the perfect go-to platform for anyone looking to build applications with practically zero need for coding. Numerous templates come with Web.com that can cater to app development needs for specific industry verticals. Layout designs and themes that Web.com offers make it easier to create different apps with optimum productivity. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://www.web.com/ Zoho Creator Zoho Creator provides a cross-platform app builder used for building different types of native mobile applications in a simple and time-efficient manner. If you are looking to create applications on the web, get them published, and use them on Android and iOS devices with comprehensive multi-platform access, you should use Zoho Creator for the best user experience. The platform offers robustness and optimum flexibility. It means different types of businesses can benefit from this platform. The apps made with Zoho Creator have the highest level of security. They can deliver superior levels of production. Know more about this platform by visiting at: https://www.zoho.com/creator/ Over to you! With the growing exposure and increased effectiveness, low code platforms have gained prominence among web developers, programmers, and other commercial users. These platforms provide a lot of ease for developers to create user-friendly applications. Developers can customize the applications without writing the codes. The effective graphic user interfaces have enabled application developers to develop visually attractive applications in less than 4 months. Hence, more companies will find these tools useful and thus are likely to turn to these tools to facilitate their business processes and scale up their venture. 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