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Published on - 8 Jun 2022
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5 Key trends in Full-stack Development for 2022 Full-stack development is a process through which both the front and the backend of an application are created. The front-end development deals with the user interface and the aesthetic elements of an application or app. The backend is all about the technologies that determine the performance and functional aspects of the app. Many developers specialize in either the front end or the backend development work. Those capable of handling development work for both front end and backend are known as full-stack developers. full-stack developer is always in high demand as they integrate the front-end features with the backend functionalities. Hence, there is always a lot of demand for full-stack developers. As per a report by Labor-Statistics-US Bureau, jobs for full-stack developers will exceed 853,000 by 2024.
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If you are a developer looking to boost your technical proficiency and enjoy better career prospects in 2022, you must get yourself acquainted with the latest trends in full-stack development and Build your Dream I.T. Career through TechFit Full-Stack Development Program.
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5 Key trends in Full-stack Development for 2022

Without further ado, let us look at the 5 key trends in full-stack development for 2022 that you should be aware of.
  • Artificial Intelligence 
One of the important technological innovations of the modern world is artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence, machines will be more intuitive, knowledgeable, and efficient. The potential of artificial intelligence is extensive, and numerous companies these days are investing in artificial intelligence to come up with better services and products for their end-users. The implementations of artificial intelligence have a tremendously disruptive effect on society and the sphere of technology at large. 
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Whether it is the chatbots used by companies to interact with their customers or the different types of audio/video editing apps, artificial intelligence finds extensive usage. Therefore, software development companies are always looking for full-stack developers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in AI. It is a well-known fact that artificial intelligence can help study consumer behavior and create algorithms that can automate and manage many types of functions that were deemed impossible at one time. Artificial intelligence and full-stack development have impacted numerous sectors, like retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and automobile production. 
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  • Internet of Things or IoT
The Internet of Things or IoT is currently considered one of the most crucial technologies that will shape our future. By seamlessly blending the Internet of Things with the existing technology, companies can seriously transform the consumer experience and give rise to significant industrial developments. Internet of Things is an innovative technology that combines other technologies to create unique user experiences. Therefore, it is safe to assume that it can potentially change the world completely.  IoT is expected to witness exponential demand across numerous domains, sectors, and industries. It is believed that in the next few years, around 75 billion devices will be connected online through this technology. Most digital devices these days are connected to the internet. This has made the world a highly interconnected network. This makes it difficult to differentiate and distinguish personal preferences and shared experiences. As we see more revolutionary changes in IoT, it will transform logistics, supply chains, and transportation.  It will give rise to a data-driven world where services and products are curated according to the data collected from devices, gadgets, and appliances. To utilize IoT technology, it is imperative to have hundreds and thousands of apps to ensure a superior user experience for end-users. Hence, there is an increasing demand for full-stack developers that help companies and end-users to use this technology. IoT applications can manage various devices such as smart TV, smart refrigerator, security cameras, home automation devices, and other systems. 
  • Blockchain Technology 
Blockchain technology is yet another example of disruptive technology that has taken the world by storm in the last few years. It has got a tremendous impact on industries like banking, the financial sector, and the business sector. Blockchain technology is open, decentralized, and highly secure. It means transactions will be more reliable and minimize the possibility of fraud and scams. Confidential data can be managed with the help of blockchain technology. Transfer of money, online payments, digital currency transactions, land transactions, and government transactions are handled seamlessly with blockchain technology. 
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  • Machine Learning 
Along with artificial intelligence, machine learning is yet another technology that has become popular in recent years. Many organizations these days invest heavily in using machine learning in their software development processes. It is believed that machine learning will become even more important soon. Machine Learning algorithms can analyze and process various data to create effective results. It has thus become imperative for full-stack developers to develop applications that can make proper use of machine learning. 
  • Mixed Reality 
Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will change the way how humans and machines interact with the world around them. Mixed reality applications can open up numerous opportunities for businesses and tech companies that were considered impossible even a few decades ago. 

Unikaksha’s TechFit Full-Stack Development Program

If you are interested to learn more about Full-stack development, check out UniKaksha’s TechFit – a one-of-a-kind industry-Oriented Full Stack Development Program. It is designed for both fresh graduates and working professionals and offers a 100% Job Guarantee*. Designed & delivered by industry experts, IITians, and FAANG developers with more than 20+ years of professional experience across diverse industries. The 3-month-long intensive program offers learners access to hands-on training, practice assessments, e-Learning Modules, capstone projects, Codeathons & Tech talks by industry experts. Course Highlights: 
  • Backed by Internationally acclaimed trainers
  • Regular Assessments to track the progress
  • Rigorous and Immersive Curriculum
  • 30+ Capstone Projects
  • Unique Code-Along Sessions
  • Designed for Students / Working Professionals
  • Tech Talks / Weekly Guru Classes
  • Topic-wise Assignments
  • Flexible EMI Options
  • 100+ Exercises 
  • Value-added soft skills sessions
Apply Now!!! Over to You!  Whether you wish to expand your portfolio or venture into the domain of Information technology as a fresher, becoming a full-stack web developer is a fantastic choice. Also, read about the Benefits of Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer. How did you like the article? Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

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